Special Nov 17-21



This Week’s Special:
Tarte Flambée

Tarte Flambée

$13 lunch / $21 dinner

Tarte flambée is an Alsatian dish composed of bread dough rolled out very thin and covered with a delicious sauce of crème fraîche and cream cheese, thinly sliced onions and bacon top this pizza before its broiled till crispy.

Come down today to try it, but be sure to reserve so we can make sure there is room for you!

See you at the Café!

Special Nov 10-14

Move over little miss red pigtails while we do this weeks special RIGHT.
Bison Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger

$13 Bison & Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger Platter!

Juicy Manitoba grass fed bison, smothered with real Bothwell Cheese aged cheddar sauce, mixed with Portabella & Button mushrooms, sautéed onions all on a fresh Kaiser bun.

Served with hand-cut fries who said we have to be fancy every week.

Dont miss your chance to try this!

Special Nov 3-7

This weeks dinner special is:

Salmon PapilloteSalmon & Shrimp Papillote
Dinner size $21 / Lunch $13

Wild Salmon shipped direct from the BC baked in its own juice with shrimp, scallops, cheese and asparagus. Served with a generous helping of Kale Couscous.

As with all our weekly specials this is while supplies last.

Fresh food is not fast or easy, but we think its worth it!

Special Oct 27th – 30th

This weeks Special

Steak Tartare

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$19 ($13 for lunch sized serving)

Freshly ground steak, mixed with the chefs choice seasoning and topped with a quail egg served. If you have never tried this dish it may seem strange but there is a reason this is a delicacy.

This is a must try for foodies and people new to fine foods alike.

This Weeks Specials

Soup and Salad combo $10
Red Beet Borscht w/ Kale & Quinoa beet salad
(Ask for without sour cream for a Vegan option)

Lunch Special $13
Corned Beef sandwich w/ caramelized onions, Balsamic glaze and 5 year old cheddar all between two pieces of fresh Focaccia bread.
11AM -3PM Tuesday – Friday

This weeks Dinner Special

Braised Lamb-shank. $28

Braised for at least 3 hours this succulent Lamb-shank is served on a bed of parsnip purée, served bone in with a starter salad.

Limited availability so make sure to come down before its too late.