Catering Menu


Prices are for a dozen , minimum of two dozen per item


Duck confit on bagutte with pineapple relish and brie $20

Brioche grill cheese sandwich with bacon and tomatoes $15

Bison sausages and cheese skewers $18

Prosciutto wrapped melon $15

Mini beef sliders $16

Cold chicken with ginger relish $14

Steak Tare Tare $18

Lamb lollipop bites with pesto $17

Mini Croque monsieur $15

Asian Style pork Short Ribs $18

Smoked chicken with red pepper aioli and poached pears $14


Deep fried shrimp wrapped with potatoes $16

Stuffed cuttlefish with mushrooms and cream cheese $18

Shrimp mousse with white wine cream $16

Jalapeno stuffed with mascapoone cream, smoked salmon & dill $18

Cucumber bite stuffed with tuna yutataki (ginger & cilantro) $16

Deep fried frog legs $18

Shrimp cocktail with maple chili dipping sauce $12

Pâte Choux stuff with crab meat and eggs $18

Pan seared scallop with pea puree and chili oil $20

Dumplings – BBQ eel with wild rice $18

Lobster with saffron risotto $25

       Oysters with tomatoes salsa $25

Salmon tare tare with strawberry salsa $18


Quinoa, beet and kale salad $12

Stuff puff pastry – mushroom and cream cheese OR strawberry compote and brie OR spinach and camembert $18

Deep fried gnocchi stuff with old cheddar cheese $12

Pickles, olives and pickle leeks skewers $8

Devilled eggs with avocado $10

Brioche with Asian pears and blue cheese  $10

Buchette – tomatoes and basil $12

Olive tapenade on baguette $12

Cold tofu with basil, lemon and chili oil and ginger $14

Soup shooter- carrot ginger, pea & romaine, cucumber yogurt $12

Goat cheese, red peppers and almond pesto on pita $15


Mini banana muffins $10

Tart Tartan $16

Pear tart in almond cream $15

Mini citrus Madeline $12

Macaroon with passion fruit raspberry ganache $20

Petit pot $12

Cremé brûléé – espresso, chocolate chili or lavender $15

Créme caramel $12

Orange yogurt verrine $12

Pâte choux with creme chantilly $10

Mini tart with pastry cream – raspberry , strawberry or kiwi $ 15

Mini lemon meringue tart – $12

Coconut mousse on basil sugar crust $12

Rum cannelés $12

Chocolate, coffee and bailey mousse $20