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The World’s Greatest French Dinner

An event organised by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the chef Alain Ducasse
On 21 March in 150 countries Goût de France / Good France will bring together over 3,000 restaurants and 150 embassies over five continents in a celebration of French gastronomy. Chefs from around the world will come together for a meal to celebrate the vitality of French cuisine and unite around the joint values of sharing and pleasure in a planet-friendly and healthy way.


We are back the day you’ve all been waiting for is here. Cafe Ce Soir
opens its doors at 11 am for lunch with the official opening is at 6 pm for dinner. Come down and try our new menu (to be posted here soon) our new wines and our decadent desserts you’ve all come to love. 

Specials: May 15 – 19

 This weeks special is

Wild Fiddleheads

Sautéd wild fiddleheads in lemon garlic butter with sweet potatoes and eggplant gnocchi, shrimps and Parmesan cheese. Fiddleheads are hand picked in the forest by Chef Tran, limited quantities. Come and try it out before it’s all sold out, otherwise you gotta wait till next year for Chef Tran to go picking once again.  Lunch is $16, Dinner is $28.